Monday, October 8, 2007

sector investing, got any courage?

If you go there you will see a whole bunch of sectors going up and the financial sector going way down. So, it's time to buy it up! Buy that loser sector! If it goes down in price buy more! The more money you lose the better. What a bargin!

In fact, I am so committed to this plan that I bought 100 fake shares and put it in my google finance portfolio.

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andrew said...

Buy the stocks which sucked last week, buy on Monday afternoons, buy small cap in December and sell in January. There are other tidbits of knowledge but they are all old news.

The problem with this is if enough people take that advice then it erodes the truth behind the statement.

As a general comment buying the loser sector is a fools statement because what if you are buying a dead sector like the horse and buggy industry? What if the sector which is going down was over inflated to begin with? For example a saw a few China companies with a P/E of 1,000. Bubble??? The NASDAQ still hasn't reached it's high and that was 6? years ago. So you'd still be buying because its down. And maybe in another 6 years you will be even.

I am not opposed to dump-ster diving but know who dump-ster you are going in beforehand.