Thursday, October 11, 2007

candy vending machines - a sweet/tart/sour quarter-laden cash-cow:

3 reasons for posting this:
- talks about passive income
- talks about candy vending machines, which we've mentioned before
- shows an example of seeing value where others don't ("one man's trash is another man's treasure"), a subject near and dear to my heart, since i've easily saved over $1000 during the first year of home ownership by buying on craigslist and curb-shopping

thoughts, comments?

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Greg said...

Tim, on Moral grounds, I don't think I could sell gumball machines.

I have had that idea in mind as I've been walking around and I notice that 90% of those machines have some kid's picture on it. Under the picture they say "money goes to support kids like this"

So, do we have any other ideas? How about making really interesting internet content?

What you do is you make some kind of page like "up to date prices on Hummel figurines on ebay" and you list it. Maybe 5 people a month come, but if you make a web page each month that attracts 5 people, after several years you would have quite a following