Thursday, February 26, 2009

What The

Many it's painful to watch my favorite benchmark DODGX move down to $61, down from $70 last week. It's kind of nice to have a way to gadge overall portfolio performance by watching the same number each week.

Other thought about psychology:
Before recently, I read "the best time to buy is the point of highest pessimism" I read it and thought "yea, I can handle that, I'd increase my contributions" But right now, I am so dam pessimistic, I just want to sell it all. I mean, if I had gone all cash last week, I would have saved losing like 10K! or something crazy like that. I don't want to even think about how if I had sold last September before everything went down 30%.

I hate psychology.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

How to take advantage of green sense

So, here's what the deal is, every time you use your citizen's bank atm card, you get 10 cents in your account. There is a cap of $120 per year you can earn this way. That's 1200 transactions!!! So... How do we take advantage of this?

I think we should make a web site that will make 1200 small purchases throughout the year. In exchange the web site will take 2 cents out of every 10 cents you should get back. So for zero effort, you could make about $100.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I made tons of m$ney

On 11-20-2008, my 401k purchased about 3 shares of DODGX at 60.190 each.
That's a total of $180

now those 3 shares are worth 68.22 each or 204.66, sweet that's a gain of PLUS 13%

Now consider that at one point not too long ago those shares were worth like $120 each, so if those numbers return, my shares will some day be worth: $360. That's a 100% gain. How long until then? who knows.