Sunday, December 23, 2007

So many cures

Every once in a while I think, why should I even bother writing a money blog, I'm not a professional, I have no CFP certification. All I can do is quote Suzie Orman in my sleep. Well, today I am rejuvinated and so am writting another post. The reason is the book that Kevin Trudeau published called "debt cures".
Most of you probably recognize Kevin from his other book "Natural Cures".

Kevin backs up his books with those paid tv spots where he talks about all the secrets he reveals in the books.

Now, I looked at Natural Cures, and it was a long list of all the natural remedies that exist and he recommends the all. Overall though, after flipping through the page I felt like I was going to die any second now because I don't see my chiropractor every month and have never done a "cleansing"

But fine, the book is ok as just a big list of things you could do for yourself. But here is what I am amazed at.

Now he has come out with a book about debt! He went from an expert in natural remedies to being an expert in debt. (in between he also actually published a book on weight loss) What this means is that this guy is just a marketing genious.

For me it proves once again that anyone can become a money guru. Look for my next book tour!

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