Friday, July 25, 2008

Deep thought about Mickey Mouse

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don't you think that a Disney trip should count as a deduction? I mean its job related after all...seriously, i work with very young children ya know, and it is important for my professional success to be up on the latest characters.... so its ummm research...yeah thats it

So what do you think? Since she is a teacher, would a Disney vacation be a tax deduction?

After all, to effectively do her job she needs to know about the latest characters. A Disney trip is really just her keeping her education up to date. It's not that different from attending a conference or taking a graduate course. Except of course grad courses don't usually involve standing in line for 2 hours to shake hands and have you picture taken with Mickey Mouse.

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a teachers blog said...

Hey, thanks for referencing my blog here, I appreciate it. So much of the work we do at the age I teach is related to emotions. Specifically, I want them to understand the emotions of other people. In order to do that, I need to understand them. How magical is it really when you walk through Minnies house into her beautiful garden? That moment when goofy pulls you into an awkward embrace or when buzz light year thinks your engagement ring is a buttion he can push? For the kids any character, disney or otherwise, is real. For us adults who have a grasp on reality, it would be as awesome on meeting your favorite singer in person, or your favorite author or actress.I wanted to understand that larger than life magical feeling they get sometimes. Ya know there are graduate level courses on emotional development of children and I would say that the trip fulfilled at least part of the requirements of that course. Bring on the tax deduction. Additionally, and very randomly, do you think I could stock up on school supplies when they are cheapest over the summer, open a small online shop and sell them for cheaper than the mainstream stores do during the course of the school year?