Sunday, July 6, 2008

The best (but not best smelling) money making idea ever

Here it is, plain and simple:
Collect dog poop and then burn methane from it to produce electricity

What you don't believe me? If people on a farm that have 2000 cows can produce $2000 of electricity per month, then I can produce $40 per month easy.

Given the number of dogs which pass by my house each day, a simple poop collector outside my house would easily collect enough dodo to make my meter move backwards.

Don't believe me?
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a teachers blog said...

How much does the poop collector cost?

How much does it cost to extract the methane from the poop and convert that into useable energy?

How long after my initial investment will I see a profit in my hands?

I mean I know its good for the environment but will I break even after I buy all the equipment?